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Safety and security are ideal to improve the characteristics of the glass to protect against human impact, bomb blast, natural disaster, intrusion or seismic activity.

Safety Film

Safety film is often described in the term of “mils”, which is a measurement of thickness as one thousand of an inch (1/1000 inch). One mil is equivalent to 25.4 microns (micrometers). To achieve a safer safety film, multiple layers of films are mechanically laminated and aggressively adhesive together, hence the safety film ranges from 4 mils to upwards of 15 mils or thicker.

Extremely aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive is used to attach the safety film to the glass, this is why when stress causes the glass to break, the film has the capability to stretch and absorb the energy generated by the stress. This effective safety film ensures broken glass remains intact within the framing system, hence preventing shards of glass flying lethally.

Solar Safety Film

Solar security film is getting popular and becoming a new category of safety film which offers significant solar heat and UV protection as well as the protection benefits of clear safety films. The tinted film is of different degrees of light transmission and thickness. The film construction is exactly the same as a solar protection film and provides the same unique features of the clear safety film.

Film Technology

As we all know, light travels in electromagnet wave (EM) from the sun to earth. Light that we can see are call “Visible Light”, they are only in a certain wave-length which is in the range of 380nm to 780nm. Invisible lights which exist in the light spectrum consists of ultra Violet light and infra-red light.

Solar Spectrum

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